From Snow White to Rapunzel and Anna, Disney princesses have sparked the imagination of millions of little girls, thanks to both their stories and their amazing outfits. 

Discover some of the most beautiful looks that helped these characters become the major contenders for the title of the best dressed Disney princess.

10. Anna (Frozen)

The newest Disney princess to join the ranks of a lot of iconic characters, Anna doesn’t have her sister’s sparkling gowns, but she has a wonderful sense of color and style. Mixing strong vibrant shades of blue and burgundy can be difficult to pull off, but Anna wears it like a pro. Her green dress also shows off Anna’s eye for both prints and flattering silhouettes.

9. Snow White
Snow White

The original Disney princess, Snow White may be gullible, but she’s rocking a dress that simply shouldn’t work. Mixing three primary colors, red, blue, and yellow, could easily go wrong, but her cute bot and sheer collar really bring the outfit together. Show White only has one dress, but she’s still considered the best dressed Disney princess by many thanks to her sunny disposition.

8. Rapunzel

If you’re looking for the ultimate pretty in pink look, Rapunzel is the Disney princess for you. Turning her long flowing hair into the ultimate fashion accessory, Rapunzel manages to come across as a strong female character. That’s very impressive considering that her entire wardrobe is in the girliest shades of pink and purple.

7. Jasmine (Aladdin)

From her sexy harem pants to even her street rat dress, Jasmine knows how to put together and outfit and showcase her best assets. Her midriff may be showing in most outfits, but considering her climate is warm to hot, Jasmine is rocking a weather appropriate look most of the time. She’s also the best dressed Disney princess thanks to her amazing accesory, a live and very cute tiger.

6. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Lucky enough to have three fairy godmothers who love bright colors, princess Aurora embraces feminine and flattering looking gowns, but she can also dress down just as easily when she goes into hiding under the name Briar Rose. Even thought she appears for less than 20 minutes in the classic animated film, Aurora’s style has had a powerful impact on many little girls.

5. Mulan

From pink robes to the stark lines of a male army uniform, Mulan shows off the right way to wear clothes. Filled with confidence, the Chinese girl is probably the best dressed Disney princess when it comes to versatility in looks. Whether she’s mixing primary colors or goes for a more muter palette, Mulan also has an eye for the most feminine accessories.

4. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Even with limited means, Belle manages to bring out her best feature (her waist) in a simple blue dress that looks great and feels stylish. As she arrives at the beast’s castle, Belle has a lot more wardrobe choices, including the iconic golden dress which she wears during her dance in the banquet hall. Other stylish pieces that are flattering in lines and color feature hoods and capes, that Belle really pulls off.

3. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

She may be a mermaid, but since she can pull off a dress improvised from ship sail fabric and rope, Ariel can certainly claim to be the best dressed Disney princess. She has excellent taste when it comes to period clothing and manages to pull off dresses that were actually tailored for humans. Ariel also wears one of the most modern dresses worn by Disney characters, in purple, a color that suits her red hair perfectly.

2. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

As the only Disney princess living in the 20th century, Tiana certainly has access to more daring fashion options and she’s not afraid to experiment. Everything she wears is perfectly tailored, and accessories only add to her fashionable looks.

1. Cinderella

From the iconic ball gown to ever the most worn down servant’s uniforms, Cinderella shines in every look, even with a muted color palette. Her secret is accessorizing and the shoes only play a small part in her overall stunning looks which help make her the best dressed Disney princess.

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