Fantasy and adventure, with the latest generation special effects, is going to deliver the most special experience ever in the history of cinema. Date of premiere set on 16th of December, is directed by James Cameron and has in cast actors like Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, Joel David Moore and many others.

“Avatar” was planned to be released much more sooner, since Cameron was planning and already started working on it since he finished “Titanic”. He worked on the script since April 2006, planning it’s release for 2008. But it would cost more than he planned at the beginning. In September 2006, the famous director has announced to be working with his own 3d camera, a special reality camera with two high- definition cameras in a single body. It creates amazing depth perception that made it worth waiting.

Another special technology used is “The Volume” stage, where they capture facial expressions with an improved method. It transfers 95% of the actors performances, so that the image can be as realistic as possible.

This animation was described as a hybrid, a perfect mix of real, live environments, full, live action with a computer generated characters. At the end of the movie you won’t be able to decide if it’s either animation, either a movie, being one of the most realistic animation at the moment. So get ready for an ultimate experience of an alien world about a battle of epic romance and a battle for saving the world, the animation that’s ready to change cinema forever.

Avatar Movie Trailer

Check out the Avatar movie trailer playing in theaters 12/18/2009!