Stylish smartwatches might soon become a reality. As technology becomes a more significant part of our daily lives with each year that passes by, it’s becoming more and more important to find good ways to merge function and aesthetic. The good news is that wearable technology is definitely on the minds on some of the most influential tech companies of the moment.

So far, there are a couple of interesting suggestions on how technology needs could be reflected in a stylish manner. One interesting suggestion comes from Hungarian freelance designer Gábor Balogh who explained his vision for The Verge using the Swedish watchmaker’s piece Triwa’s Havana timepiece (with the company’s permission). The designer prefers simple, discreet designs, which is why he proposes not utilizing voice control or a touchscreen, relying instead on buttons and bezel for commands.

Smartwatch Concept By Gabor Balogh (1)

He proposes using the bezel for controlling apps and using the buttons to control other functions like time, date or alerts. Though there are certain difficulties in implementing these features such as the fact that it would be difficult to integrate the technology into a small, circular design, it’s hard to deny that, if such a smartwatch were to hit the market it would definitely be salable.

Smartwatch Concept By Gabor Balogh (2)

Another thing that might help make stylish smartwatches a reality soon is an announcement made by Google at the South by Southwest conference in Austin on Sunday. The company announced it’s planning to release a software development kit (SDK) to help other companies create wearable devices that run on Android, in just two weeks. The new project might help fashion companies create their own fashion-forward versions of a smartwatch.

Smartwatch Concept By Gabor Balogh (3)

There are also rumors that the company is planning to create it’s own smartwatch, but the news has yet to be confirmed. If it turns out to be true and the brand will indeed launch a Google-branded watch, as The Verge suggests, it will definitely provide an interesting perspective on how wearable smartwatches will satisfy the need for style and functionality in the near future.

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