It seems that Google has yet again managed to revolutionize the browsing through a new application launch, the Google Body, which is a 3D browser which allows you to have a detailed view of the human anatomy.

Mapping out the human body is definitely not easy there are so many details which have a huge importance in the functioning of the body. All these details have taken Google experts which have worked on the Google Body Browser a long time to put together. This 3D image which allows you to explore the body could be a great solution to help people understand better the human body, and why not, allow scientists to make progresses in medical research.

The application has not been yet launched and it seems that Google is not spilling out any details about a release date but they have however launched a sneak-peek video which offers you a better view on what Google Body Browser will be all about.

In the video it is presented how one will be able to clearly identify body organs, bones, muscles as well as the arteries and main veins of the body. This could be the easiest way for people who want to learn more about themselves and the human body to have a perfect visual image of the human body, but not any image, a 3D image which gives a much more realistic image for the brain to assimilate. The body can be turned; bones, muscles and organs can be removed with a click so you can have a further look at what is under the above stated body parts and organs. This will help you understand better how the body works correctly and this is absolutely amazing.

This could be the next step towards a more accurate anatomical education and we can’t wait for the official launch to give this application a try!