It seems that Facebook is trying its best to help you keep track of how your friends are doing, as it is launching a new crush breakup alert application called WaitingRoom. The new application is trying to replace the now shut down Breakup Notifier which ran for 3 days on Facebook before it was pulled out from use.

The new Facebook crush breakup alert application called WaitingRoom will still follow the same concept but will work a little bit different. Once you install the application, you’ll be able to find out when the relationship status of a person you’re interested in has changed. This announces itself as quite a popular application as this way you’ll know right away when your crush has changed his relationship status.

New Facebook Crush Breakup Alert App - WaitingRoom

The application works in the following way: a notification will be sent to the person inicated by you, announcing that there is someone in the WaitingRoom for him/her. However, the person will also have to install the WaitingRoom application, so that things work. Your identity is not revealed until your crush has changed his/her relationship status to single. To avoid cheating, the identity of the people waiting in the WaitingRoom is not revealed until after 48 hours after the relationship status has been switched to single. Could this be the new way to flirt with someone, letting them know you’re interested, but in a less obvious manner???

This is indeed a great way to find out if your crush is “on the market” again, but could this actually be interpreted as a new way of stalking someone, or will it definitely help people get a boost of confidence by finding out that other people are interested in them? We’ll just have to wait and see where things are headed for and how well the application will work.

Are you going to give this app a try?