It seems that the well known magazine Playboy is taking things to another level through the Playboy hard drive. Find out more about this drive which features over 650 Playboy issues!

Well, people's obsession for this incredible magazine has pushed yet another boundary as things for Playboy seem to move up. A new era for Playboy seems to be developed- the Playboy hard drive which enables you to have unlimited access to the sexiest women ever since 1953- until december 2009. Nowadays men as well as women who love this magazine can now benefit from all the issues, over 650 in one place on a tiny device which will help you save space in your home and not worry about anyone fining your precious complete Playboy collection.

The first issue of Playboy magazine came out in 1953 and featured Marylin Monroe the woman who's sexiness and seductive style still manages to live on. The magazine has changed slightly from the first issue, adapting to the new trends and the transition will be highly visible if you have access to each and every issue created until end of 2009.

The Playboy hard drive features an incredible 56 years of Playboy evolution and models and the 100 000 pages of playboy will only be a click away. This is a dream come true for collectors who love technology or collectors who do not have all the issues desired.
The quick search features will allow you to find the desired issue or article in seconds, meaning you will not have to browse through the dusty old magazines you probably have stashed in your attic!

The hard drive which has a capacity of 250GB will allow you instant access to your favorite Playboy issues anywhere you have access to a MAC or PC, install Hugh Hefner's treasured Playboy magazine program and enjoy!
Who would have thought that this would be the next era for magazines?!
Could this be the future of magazines worldwide? Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see!