The best apps for fitness tackle both what you eat, when you eat and how you work out. Discover some of the best apps for weight loss, for both Apple gadgets and Android smartphones and tablets.

My Fitness Pal

With free iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps, My Fitness Pal is definitely one of the best apps for weight loss thanks to the way it allows you to keep track of your meals and get support from other dieters, along with guidelines for the most popular diets.


Get knowledgeable when it comes to food with the help of one of the best apps for weight loss (iPad, iPhone, Android). Simply scan the barcodes at the supermarket and the free app will give you a rating for each food.Fooducate App

Lose It!

Track calories and your exercise with this excellent free app for Apple and Android. It’s one of the best apps for weight loss because it also gives you helpful estimates on your calorie restrictions for your desired goal.Lose It App

Calorie Counter

When it comes to the best apps for weight loss on your iPad, Calorie Counter helps you keep track of everything you need to lose weight, from your meals to your exercise routine.Calorie Counter App


This free app is basically a huge social game that helps you lose weight by appealing to your competitive side. Swap advice and information with other dieters and earn points to go to the next level with his app for iPhone and Android.Fitocracy App


If your workouts take place mostly outdoors, Endomondo is one of the best apps for weight loss, since it tracks your route on Google Maps, whether you’re running, cycling or just walking.Endomondo App

Noom Weight Loss

A top choice when you’re looking for the best apps for weight loss on Android, this excellent app helps you define goals and gives you the tools to stick to them by tracking your meals and exercise routine.Noom Weight Loss App

Best Apps for Weight Loss through Hypnosis

If you’re looking for the perfect weight loss hypnosis app, you have a few top choices for both iPad and Android. Remember that these apps are designed to relieve stress and help you build up motivation, they’re not designed to actually hypnotize you into losing weight.

For iPad, try the Weight Loss Hypnosis by Mindifi – Lose Fat with Better Health and Meditation app, that has plenty of in-app purchases for different ways that can help you slim down.Weight Loss Hypnosis By Mindifi App

Weight Loss Hypnosis (2 in 1!) is one of the best choices for Android when you need extra motivation to stick to your diet and workout plan.Weight Loss Hypnosis 2in1 App

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