Luxury gadgets have always attracted people’s attention as technology is nowadays something most people can’t live without and the highest tech and luxurious the gadgets the better. It seems that technology is making progresses every day and in the last two decades the progresses made have been immense. Because there is nothing that makes you smile more than a cool gadget, we have put together a top 4 must have luxury gadgets so you can pick your favorite and work to get it.

You could go on without these gadgets but if you love luxurious things and like having the latest gadgets, you won’t stand the temptation!

Nokia N97 Mini Gold Edition phone

The Nokia N97 Mini Gold Edition phone is definitely a hot must have if you love phones and gold. This luxurious N series edition phone in gold is literally plated with 18 carat gold (the casing is gold plated). All the features that you need on a phone but with a touch of bling, is what Nokia tried to offer through this N97 Mini Gold edition phone and who would say no to such a luxurious gadget! The price of this phone is approximately $850.

iDiamond iPod Shuffle

The iDiamond iPod Shuffle is definitely for girls who love diamonds and what girl would turn down her favorite tunes on a diamond encrusted iPod shuffle. This over the top diamond iPod is unique and has been sold in an auction. The price of this incredible 430 diamonds encrusted iPod is estimated to be somewhere around $40 000.

PowerMax Macbook Pro Supreme Fire edition

PowerMax Macbook Pro Supreme Fire edition is definitely an eye catching item sold by Apple as it is encased in a lovely 24 carat gold case complete with a diamond embellished Apple logo (you can also select a non-diamond version if you’re “on a budget”). The model is available in two models: 15.4” and 17”. The price of these fab Macbook is ranged between somewhere around $6000-$10 000.

iPad Supreme Gold Edition

iPad Supreme Gold Edition is going to make you hear that “cha-ching” sound as it is going to cost you. The iPad is not your ordinary iPad as it features a 22 carat casing and that is not all. The Apple logo is encrusted using no less than 53 individual diamonds which add up to a whopping 25 carat. These luxurious details will cost you about $190 000. However if that’s too much for you another option is available which features only the gold casing, not the diamonds however for a more reasonable price, around $4000.