Zooey Deschanel looks lovely on the cover of ‘Lucky’ magazine April 2011. The 31-year-old actress/singer/songwriter poses gracefully in a Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton/silk “Odette Dot” dress and unique accessories, bracelets, rings and an Evil Eye necklace by Kara Ackerman. As usually, Zooey looks gorgeous and fresh-faced.

Inside the magazine, Zooey talks about her personal style, but also about her career and the upcoming movie, “Your Highness”, a fairy-tale comedy in which she stars alongside James Franco and Natalie Portman. Speaking about the medieval costumes in the film, Deschanel admits it was a real fun to wear them. “I had so many amazing costumes in the movie. They weren’t things I would normally wear. They were basically medieval gowns. It was really fun dressing up like I was going to a Renaissance fair for three months,” she says.

Known for her original personal style, Zooey shared some things about trends, the way she dressed up as a child and other fashion-related topics. When it comes to her own style, Zooey Deschanel describes it as being unquestionably colorful. “I would say girly, flirtatious, colorful.” [She pauses mulling this over for a minute.]”Feminine, maybe, and soft. But yeah, definitely colorful,’ she told ‘Lucky’.

Zooey Deschanel Covers

The “(500) Days of Summer” star also spoke to the magazine about how she used to dress up as a child. “I wanted to be really girly… like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I’m still the same way,” Zooey reveals.

Still, it seems that the adorable actress discovered her love for fashion at 14 years old. When being asked about her favorite party dress, Zooey remembers when she made a pretty outfit using material from Christmas stockings. “I was 14 and wanted to wear a red dress to a party. I was just determined. So I found all this old material from Christmas stockings, and I taught myself how to sew. It had white lace at the top and an empire waist, and it was knee length — it was actually really cute,” she remembers.

Zooey, who is married to Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard, always flaunts a cool individual quirky style. About the supreme “style test” for an outfit, she told ‘Lucky’ that she should be able to move freely in it. “What if I need to run away? Just take off at any minute? I want to be able to run away and dance at all times,” she explains. As for the new fashion trends spotted in LA, she admits: “I’m not a leather-dress, bondage-pumps type of person. All those straps and zippers look horrible on me. Am I going to kill someone with that shoe? I like things that are pretty. I like dressing up.”

Zooey Deschanel Covers Lucky Magazine April 2011

Photos by Robert Erdmann/Creative 24 for Lucky Magazine