Falling in love can get complicated, especially when you’re a teen or very young. Some celebrities chose to take the big step at a very young age and things didn’t always last long. Find out which celebrities married early and how long the youngest celebrity marriages lasted.

Counting down from 22 to 15, here are the youngest celebrities who tied the knot and became happily married at a young age, at least for a few… days.

Britney Spears – 22

Probably the only celebrity who got married twice in one year at only 22, Britney Spears had a very complicated 2004. First she married childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander in Las Vegas, but their union was annulled after just 55 hours.

Britney Spears And Jason Allen Alexander Marriage

Later that year, Britney got engaged to Kevin Federline in July and was dancing at her wedding in September, even though she wasn’t actually married until October.

Angelina Jolie – 21

Angelina Jolie And Johnny Lee Miller Marriage

Married at 21 with Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie had a truly unique wedding, wearing a white t-shirt and writing her fiance’s name in blood on it. Despite their initial connection, Jolie and Miller got separated in 18 months and divorced almost 2 years later. “I’ll always love him, we were simply too young,” she said about her nuptials, one of the youngest celebrity marriages.

Kim Kardashian – 19

Kim Kardashian And Damon Thomas Marriage

Before her controversial wedding and divorce with Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian first got married at the age of 19, when she eloped with Damon Thomas, a music producer. Their union only lasted for 3 years. Kim started dating Ray J before her divorce was complete and starred in her famous sex tape with him.

LeAnn Rimes – 19

Le Ann Rimes And Dean Sheremet Marriage

A true believer in love at first sight, singer LeAnn Rimes told InStyle Magazine that “This is the guy I want to marry” after just one date with backup dancer Dean Sheremet, when she was only 19. Even though it’s one of the youngest celebrity marriages, it lasted for 7 years before rumors of an affair with actor Eddie Cibrian were followed by a confirmation of the impending divorce.

Olivia Wilde – 19

Olivia Wilde And Tao Ruspoli Marriage

Marrying young can be complicated, and actress Olivia Wilde was forced to marry in secret when she was just 19. Her husband, Italian musician and filmmaker Tao Ruspoli, lasted for 8 years. Wilde kept her divorce as private as her marriage, which took place in an abandoned school bus with only 2 witnesses, and only started dating publicly months after it was complete.

Solange Knowles – 17

Solange Knowles And Daniel Smith Marriage

Beyoncé’s younger sister has one of the youngest celebrity marriages, she tied the knot at 17 and gave birth to her son 9 months later. Her husband Daniel Smith was 19 at the time and he continued his college education, while Solange put her career on hold for a while. The singer divorced just 3 years later, and got back to making music, but continued to co-parent with her ex-husband.

Macaulay Culkin – 17

Macaulay Culkin And Rachel Miner Marriage

After retiring from acting at the age of 14, Macauley Culkin decided to give family life a try and married when both himself and the bride, actress Rachel Miner, were only 17. Their union didn’t last for long, since the couple announced their separation two years later and finally divorced after two more years, in 2002.

Milla Jovovich – 16

Milla Jovovich And Shawn Andrews Marriage

Falling in love on the set of “Dazed and Confused”, Milla Jovovich married her on-screen boyfriend in one of the youngest celebrity marriages. She was only 16 and the marriage only lasted for two months, before getting annulled.

Courtney Stodden – 16

Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison Wedding

Marrying at 16 may seem too soon, but when the husband is 51, things get even more complicated. After getting married in Las Vegas, Courtney Stodden quickly became known for her huge breast implants and sexy outfits. Their marriage only lasted for 2 years, but the split was on good terms and continue to live together.

Aaliyah – 15

Aaliyah And R. Kelly Marriage

One of the youngest celebrity marriages is also the most scandalous. Vibe Magazine uncovered that 15-year old Aaliyah and R. Kelly married in Illinois, after a forgery that alleged she was 18. The illegal marriage ended up as annulled by the young singer’s parents. Both Aaliyah and R. Kelly claimed that they were never married.

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