Coined in 2004, after the Super Bowl debacle, the term “wardrobe malfunction” has become truly profitable for the paparazzi, but at the same time damaging for any TV network that allows them to go on air.

Whether they’re on the red carpet or on live TV, here are some of the worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, mistakes that might have been avoided either with a less revealing outfit or with a little more care from celebs to protect themselves against the paparazzi.

Janet Jackson

In 2004, Justin Timberlake was supposed to rip off a single layer off Janet Jackson’s outfit, but ended up revealing her breast to America. The singer’s pierced nipple basically sunk her career since the incident was followed by her songs and videos being blacklisted from many TV channels and radio stations. As a results of one of the worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, Jackson was even uninvited to the 46th Annual Grammy Awards.

Jennifer Lawrence Wardrobe Malfunction

Jennifer Lawrence

At the 2013 SAG Awards, Jennifer Lawrence’s dress seemed to rip on the way to the stage where the actress picked up the an award for her work in “Silver Linings Playbook”. Her Dior gown, constructed from multiple fabric panels, was actually intact, but that didn’t stop the media from calling the incident one of the worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

Anne Hathaway Upskirt Moment

Anne Hathaway

While socialites have perfected the art of flashing the paparazzi on purpose when exiting a car, Anne Hathaway was devastated at the 2012 New York premiere of “Les Misérables”, she accidentally exposed herself to photographers. “I was very sad that we live in an age when someone takes a picture of someone in a vulnerable moment and rather than delete it and do the decent thing, sells it,” she said on the Today show.

Kim Kardashian Wardrobe Malfunction

Kim Kardashian

Never one to lose an opportunity to promote herself, Kim Kardashian shared her wardrobe malfunction on her own Instagram. Kardashian’s tight leather dress burst minutes before her June 2012 appearance on ”Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Her team managed to fix the problem before she went on the air, but Kim wanted everyone to know about the snafu.

Emma Watson Wardrobe Malfunction

Emma Watson

No stranger to forgivable wardrobe malfunctions, English actress Emma Watson was responsible for one of the worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions at the 2012 premiere of her movie “Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Instead of betting on double-sided tape, the actress opted for see-through pasties that covered her exposed nipple, except not really.

Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction

Nicky Minaj

In 2011, Nicki Minaj had a live wardrobe malfunction on “Good Morning America”, while performing her hit song “Where Them Girls At”. Proof that double-sided tape isn’t foolproof, Minaj squeezed her breasts into a very small green tank top that ended up letting one of her nipples loose. The incident was broadcast live on the East Coast, but edited for all other time zones.

Eva Longoria Upskirt In Cannes

Eva Longoria

Trying to protect her long dress from the rain, Eva Longoria ended up showing more than she expected as the paparazzi captured the moment at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Longoria didn’t seem to consider the incident one of the worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, since she joked about it on Twitter two days later.

Lady Gaga Wardrobe Malfunction

Lady Gaga

One of the rare double nipple slips is Lady Gaga’s legacy when it comes to the worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions. At the 2011 Council of Fashion Designers of America awards, the singer wore a low cut Thierry Mugler dress with a very sheer top and ended up revealing both her breasts to the excited paparazzi.

Sofia Vergara Split Dress

Sofia Vergara

Probably inspired by Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe problem, Sofia Vergara posted her own picture of a “dress malfunction” during the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards. Unlike Kardashian’s outfit, which split at the black, Vergara’s Zuhair Murad dress split right on her backside and the Colombian actress wasn’t afraid to show her thong on Twitter.

Tara Reid Wardrobe Malfunction

Tara Reid

Some of the worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions end up being a true career killer and Tara Reid’s exposed breast definitely falls into that category. The actress didn’t seem aware that her dress slipped off her shoulder at Diddy’s 35th birthday bash in New York. The paparazzi kept taking pictures for 10 seconds before a publicist came to Reid’s rescue.

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