Studies have shown that breast implants can give women more confidence, but bad boob jobs can have the opposite effect. See a few of the worst celebrity breast implants, that not only look unnatural, but are often botched surgeries that needed to be corrected.

Since going up a single cup size is rarely noticeable, the worst celebrity breast implants are often very big and obvious, but size is only one of the many clues that show how a bad boob job can happen to even the biggest celebrities.

Courtney Stodden

After marrying 51-year-old Doug Hutchison when she was just 16, Courtney Stodden became a social media sensation. 

Unfortunately, Courtney’s plastic surgery experiments include some of the worst celebrity breast implants. Her double D cups look like bowling balls pinned on her chest, and during her stay in the UK Celebrity Big Brother house, they also appeared to be… purple, because the size of the implants restricts proper blood flow.

Victoria Beckham Breast Implants

Victoria Beckham

The fashion icon only recently admitted she had breast augmentation surgery, but the surgery was obvious to anyone with eyes. Going from A cups to D cups in 1999 made for a very striking look and her breasts looked rock solid for many years, before she decided to say goodbye to her implants and only coyly admit that she had them in the first place.

Tara Reid Breast Implants

Tara Reid

One of the most well known plastic surgery victims, Tara Reid decided to get implants because she felt her breasts were uneven. The result, which she revealed to the paparazzi at Diddy’s 35th birthday party in New York, was truly upsetting. Reid was never satisfied with the augmentation, so she had reconstructive surgery to fix the botched boob job.

Tori Spelling Breast Implants

Tori Spelling

“I’ve had the two procedures that probably every other woman in Hollywood has had done”, Tory Spelling explained to Entertainment Weekly. The former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star meant her nose and her breast augmentation. While her new nose could pass for natural, she ended up with one of the worst celebrity breast implants, made to look even more frightening because of the severe chest depression in between them.

Pamela Anderson Breast Implants

Pamela Anderson

When it comes to plastic surgery, Pamela Anderson’s breasts have had more action on the inside than most get on the outside. Constantly swapping them to bigger or smaller, Pamela Anderson has had many sexy looks, but some of her breast augmentation surgeries also revealed dents and bumps that shouldn’t have been there.

Vivica A Fox Breast Implants

Vivica A. Fox

The surefire sign of botched breast implants is rippling. Vivica A. Fox has had the misfortune of getting some of the worst celebrity breast implants and her low cut dresses often reveal dents on the inner sides of her breasts. Even if they don’t look natural, most breast implants aren’t so obvious and even terrifying in the wrong dress.

Leann Rimes Breast Implants

LeAnn Rimes

It’s not a secret that the most natural looking breast implants always go under the muscle, not on top of it. LeAnn Rimes never confirmed or denied having went through breast augmentation surgery, but by the look of the inner side of her breasts, there’s definitely problem with soft tissue covering something harder.

Bethenny Frankel Breast Implants

Bethenny Frankel

Being very skinny with D-cups is only a good look on the rare occasion when it’s natural. Bethenny Frankel, former talk show host and founder of Skinnygirl Cocktails, got one of the worst celebrity breast implants when she overreached. “I ended up with a D, and I didn’t feel like it was right on me. I felt kind of sloppy. I felt like they were unwieldy and all over the place,” she told DailyMail, explaining that she eventually replaced the oversized implants.

Janet Jackson Breast Implants

Janet Jackson

The size of Janet Jackson’s breasts could be explained by her fluctuating weight, but the pop star couldn’t hide the effects of breast augmentation in low cut dresses. Even though she never confirmed her breast augmentation, the inner side of her breasts reveals bumps and dents usually associated with scar tissue formed around implants.

Heidi Montag Breast Implants

Heidi Montag

With 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, Heidi Montag probably holds some kind of record, but there’s nothing to be celebrated about her huge F-cups – each implant weighed around three pounds. Definitely one of the worst celebrity breast implants, the ill-fated surgery ended up being reversed, when Montag decided a C was enough.

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