The 37-year-old soccer player, celebrity hubby and occasional model is simply adored by women from all over the world. This time, David Beckham covers ELLE UK July 2012. The fabulous cavalcade of tattoos and the perfectly-sculpted coiffure exude masculinity and classic beauty.

By flaunting his ultra-sexy dandy look, David Beckham repeatedly demonstrates his fab collaboration with a complete team who knows how to bring out the alluring sex-appeal of the hottest celebs. On the much anticipated image below David is walking out of a pool with soaking Dior Homme jeans and a perfectly-toned upper body. According to celebrity reports, the soccer player declared that he was ‘honoured’ with the cover position by ELLE UK.

Lorraine Candy is the editor-in-chief of the magazine and she claimed that, “David Beckham is a national hero… He is an icon and Elle is known for featuring icons on its cover.[…] This is a first for us on the newsstand and I believe he is loved by men and women alike.[…]Anyway, who doesn’t want to see a picture of one of the world’s most handsome men on the front cover of a magazine? It will be a collector’s issue.”

Wet and Topless David Beckham Covers ELLE UK July 2012

The magazine also created a second cover shot in which David Beckham is immortalized in a laid back grey t-shirt with one hand in his hair and with a super-sexy glance at readers. Indeed, the soccer player is the first ever solo male cover star for this A-list magazine. If you’re also fascinated by this beloved character from the world of the rich and famous, take a closer look at the cool covers. Decide whether you like the super-sizzling look of David or you would opt for the adorable hubby look from the second cover.

The July issue of ELLE UK will be available on Wednesday May 30th.

 Wet and Topless David Beckham Covers ELLE UK July 2012

Image courtesy of ELLE UK