Celebrities love to be unique and if that means adopting a different name, or giving exotic names or making up names for their babies, names that make you go “WHAT?!”, than so be it. There is an ancient belief that a name can predetermine a person’s destiny and celebs are making sure their names as well as their babies’ names are indeed unique. Weird or not, who are we to judge, but some of these names just can’t go by unnoticed. Celebrities who give their babies out of the ordinary names are not few, so check out these unusual celebrity baby names and have a laugh, be amazed or inspire yourself for your baby’s name.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden These two celebrities have pretty common names, but that’s not what we can say about their kids. The happy newlywed couple has two children, a girl and a baby boy who’s names definitely stand out. Nicole and Joel chose Harlow Winter Kate as their daughter’s name and Sparrow James Midnight. The last name sounds a little bit familiar…could they have been watching too much “Pirates of the Caribbean”??

Jules and Jamie Oliver Famous chef Jamie Oliver definitely proved his and his wife’s creativity as far as baby names go as nature seems to have inspired the couple in naming their 3 daughters. Three bundles of joy named after flowers, so their first daughter is named Poppy Honey Rosie, their second daughter is called Daisy Boo Pamela and the latest addition to the family is named Petal Blossom Rainbow.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis This hot Hollywood ex-couple has always managed to prove they are modern and not traditional and this can be clearly observed by taking a look at the couple’s kids names. The two shared three gorgeous daughters named Rumer, Scout LaRue and Tallulah Belle. These gals will definitely be remembered when they meet someone as these names are indeed unique.

Lisa Bonet Lisa Bonet has three children, one with hot superstar Lenny Kravitz, named Zoe Isabella and two with Jason Mamoa. Her second daughter’s name is a bit unusual, as she’s named Lola Iolani, but her third child, her baby boy is definitely going to surprise, and take a while to repeat as his name is Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha. Now that’s an unusual name!

Nicholas Cage Nicholas Cage definitely knows to show his support towards comedy and fiction as he has named his son Kal-El, the real name of who else than Superman! Now this kid won’t have to pretend to be Superman as he’ll actually have his real name.

Sylvester Stallone Sylvester is definitely a man who needs no introduction and apparently his life as a fierce soldier in movies inspired him in real life as he named his first son Sage Moonblood. We can’t help but wonder what was he thinking??!!

Rob Morrow Some celebrities prove they’re not too inventive as far as picking out names as Rob Morrow proved when he opted to name his daughter Tu. We hope that her name Tu Morrow won’t spark too many laughs from the others. Really!

Alicia Silverstone Being a first time mom, Alicia Silverstone seems to have given it her best shot with name picking, but hopefully she’ll consult more people next time as her choice for her baby boy’s name is Bear Blu. This name is kind of sweet when he’s a toddler, but what will he think when he’ll be an all grown-up man?!

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