Terry Richardson landed in hot water again after British model Emma Appleton accused him of asking for sexual favors in exchange for a Vogue cover. The model posted a screenshot of a message that appeared to be from the controversial photographer’s Facebook account and which read: “If I can f*** you I will book you in ny for a shoot for Vogue”.

The photographer denied the allegations through his rep Candice Marks who stated: “This is obviously fake. Terry did not send this text.” Moreover, it seems like the celebrity photographer is also trying to prove it by hiring an expert: “Mr. Richardson has retained online forensic expert Theo Yedinsky to determine the actual origin of the fake posting.” However, it seems like the scandal will have repercussions on his work as it appears that Vogue won’t be hiring him for any more shots in the future, especially since several similar claims of inappropriate behavior have surfaced before this scandal.

A rep from the publication told US Weekly that: “The last assignment Terry Richardson had for US Vogue appeared in the July 2010 issue and we have no plans to work with him in the future.”

Terry Richardson Emma Appleton Message

The model, who stated that he declined his offer by saying “No, I’m not your girl, bye ha”, deleted her Twitter account shortly after posting the image of the message she claimed she received from the controversial photographer stating she began regretting posting the message, while still maintaining her statement: “Beginning to wish I hadn’t posted that… it doesn’t matter who you are or what the industry is, just be a decent human being. The fact people think this is acceptable blows my f*****g mind. See ya.”

Emma Appleton On Terry Richardson Scandal

She later made more comments on her Instagram account, stating that she’s not looking to gain exposure from this incident: “Let me clear something up—I don’t want this attention, I have no desire to become known in the slightest. If the account is fake then it needs to be removed, if it’s real then he’s a hideous human. I regret posting it because of what it’s caused but at the same time (if it’s real) then it shouldn’t be covered up, there are too many young, vulnerable girls that this industry can exploit. Thank you for all the kind messages and that’s the end of it.”

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