The well known ex “High School Musical” hottie Vanessa Hudgens seems to be quite sure about her future, as she even decided on who will design her future wedding dress. The news that Vanessa Hudgens has already chosen her wedding dress designer got everyone wondering if she was planning to get married, but the answer is No.

Vanessa, who has recently split up with her long-time boyfriend Zac Efron, isn’t planning to get married soon, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream about one of the most important moments of her life. Every girl daydreams about her wedding day at one point and Vanessa is getting pretty close to the perfect age to wed.

It might be because Vanessa Hudgens is getting to that point in life when she is ready for a serious relationship, or it might just be a thought that crossed her mind, but one thing is for certain: Vanessa has already checked one thing off her wedding list.

There are so many incredibly talented fashion designers who can transpose your dreams into their designs and one of the fashion labels which seems to amaze with every collection is Marchesa. It seems that the designer who Vanessa wishes to design her wedding dress when the time will come, is Marchesa.

Vanessa Hudgens told People in an interview following Marchesa’s fashion presentation in New York : “I want Marchesa to dress me for my wedding”.

There’ no surprise here as Marchesa’s designs always radiate a certain glamor, a mix of vintage and contemporary details that take you on a dreamy journey from first glance. Vanessa is considered a style icon as she has a very well defined style which leans towards bohemian-chic and her wedding dress will probably have a vintage feel to it. Every woman would choose a one of a kind, special dress, such as the ones created by Marchesa and Vanessa thinks “Anyone would be lucky to have a Marchesa dress in their wedding.”

Unfortunately there is no sign that Vanessa will get married soon but we are pretty sure she would make a fabulous bride. Hope to see what kind of wedding dress Vanessa chooses for her wedding day, whenever that will be!

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Vanessa Hudgens Chose Her Wedding Dress DesignerVanessa Hudgens in Marchesa at the 2009 Oscars

Photo courtesy of Getty Images