Acne is not the only skin flaw that tortures celebrities spoiling their flawless complexion and with it their beaut allure. Some stars are less affected by cellulite which can lead to severe consequences on the level of both the organism as well as complexion. Those who are familiarized with this problem know that the measure of cellulite can vary from one person to the other.

This indeed has several triggering factors and causes. From genetics to an inappropriate nutritional plan as well as lack of exercise, all can contribute to the formation of cellulite. In order to see that celebs are not flawless either, it is highly recommended to skim through the top celebrity cellulite examples. These images should indeed encourage us to make a change and embed a well-defined workout session as well as some healthy and nutritive meals into our daily routine.

<br />The music diva who made curvy really sexy and hot seems to have problems with cellulite. Rihanna indeed is a real style icon and loves to show off her feminine features however it seems that paparazzi are there to spot some of the less flattering postures which might ruin her reputation as a beauty idol. <br /><br /> <br />Flattering outfits as well as a diva sex-appeal might not be enough to keep your flawless body icon title. In fact some of the controversial images reveal that Beyonce is not the owner of a perfect skin either and she has to struggle with cellulite in spite of the fad diets and exercise routine.<br /><br /> <br />Are you mesmerized by the slender and fabulous silhouette of Lady Gaga? It is advisable then to take a look at her skin condition which is not exactly spotless. Cellulite is indeed a problem that tortures also celebrities in spite of the trainer team backup work.<br /><br /> <br />The ex supermodel is proud of her fitness videos as well as healthy lifestyle however it seems that cellulite is present also in her life as a real problem. Take a look at this not so flattering Cindy Crawford bikini body.<br /><br /> <br />The young music queen is famous of her unique clothing style as well as girlish beauty. However she is also one of the prominent celebs who struggle with a severe cellulite which can be seen on the photos made during her concerts sporting short skirts and breezy dresses.<br /><br /> <br /><br />The super-skinny and athletic figure wont guarantee you a spotless figure. Therefore it is not so surprising to see Hilary Swank struggling with cellulite. In spite of her efforts with exercise and various diets she is still one of the unfortunate victims of this world-wide health problem.<br /><br />