Nudity can be a very strong fashion statement, and most supermodels aren’t afraid of taking off their clothes for a racy shoot. Many have even appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine, in photo shoots that are less style-oriented.

See the top fashion models who posed for Playboy, the magazine that managed to convince some of the biggest supermodels in the world to take everything off for some truly sexy photos, shot by big names in the world of fashion photography.

Kate Moss

Gracing the cover of the 60th anniversary issue of Playboy magazine, Kate Moss donned the iconic bunny tail and ears. The 18-page spread shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott was featured in the January/February 2014 double issue of Playboy. Still one of the highest earning models in the world, Kate Moss was a huge get for the magazine’s anniversary. In order to full take advantage of the photoshoot, the issue is also available in a limited issue with an exclusive photo. And if you’d like the cover on a t-shirt, Marc Jacobs has you covered.

Cindy Crawford Playboy Cover 1996 

Cindy Crawford

While Kate Moss is one of the top fashion models who posed for Playboy, Cindy Crawford was hands down the biggest supermodel in the world at the time of her first Playboy cover. Shot by Herb Ritts, the July 1988 issue was a huge seller for the magazine. Crawford returned on the cover in May 1996, for the “Music & Supermodels” issue and once again in October 1998.

Naomi Campbell Playboy Cover 1998

Naomi Campbell

Mostly known in the last decade for acts of violence and assault, Naomi Campbell was still on the top of her game in December 1999, when she posed for Playboy. The magazine has managed to get a lot of supermodels on the cover, but Campbell’s issue was a particularly exciting Christmas gift for many men. The British beauty bares it all, but the style of the shoot photographed by David LaChapelle featured kitsch backdrops that proved less than popular with Playboy readers.

Elle Macpherson Playboy Cover 1994

Elle Macpherson

The Australian supermodel was another huge win for Playboy. With five Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues under her belt, Elle Macpherson appeared on the cover of the magazine in May 1994. She opted for a retro inspired shoot, in which she recreated famous Brigitte Bardot looks. As one of the top fashion models who posed for Playboy, she could also request one of the top fashion photographers at the time, and her pictorial was shot by Herb Ritts.

Stephanie Seymour Playboy Cover 1993

Stephanie Seymour

More than 20 years before her racy shoot in Harper’s Bazaar with her 20 and 17-year old songs, Stephanie Seymour appeared on the cover of Playboy twice. Her first appearance was in March 1991. Since her cover was a hit, the magazine convinced her to return to the cover in February 1993.

Claudia Schiffer Playboy Cover 1997

Claudia Schiffer

The German model appeared on more than 1000 magazine covers and one of them was Playboy in May 1997. The cover landed at the height of her fame, when the supermodel was dating magician David Copperfield. Schiffer remains one of a handful of top fashion models who posed for Playboy and graced the cover of Vogue.

Eva Herzigova Playboy Cover 1995

Eva Herzigova

A decade after her iconic “Hello Boys” wonderbra campaign, the Czech model posed for Playboy in August 2004. The German edition of the magazine had managed to convince her to appear in a racy shoot and on the cover in May 1995, but her American fans had to wait more than nine years for a new photoshoot and cover.

Daisy Love Playboy Cover 2011

Daisy Lowe

Daughter of Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale, Daisy Lowe had her first encounter with the fashion world at the tender age of 2. She graced the cover of Playboy Magazine 20 years later, for the September 2011 issue. Lowe had already appeared topless in Esquire Magazine and had posed nude for Terry Richardson. She’s one of the top fashion models who posed for Playboy this decade.

Joan Severance Playboy Cover 1990

Joan Severance

One of the top Americans models of the ‘80s, Joan Severance posed nude for the magazine and made the cover of Playboy twice, in January 1990 and November 1992. Her most recent TV appearance was on “American Horror Story: Asylum”.

Carol Alt Playboy Cover 2008

Carol Alt

After becoming a household name in 1986, thanks to a Harper’s Bazaar cover, Carol Alt joined the list of top fashion models who posed for Playboy more than 22 years later, in December 2008.

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