She’s best known for her role as Charlotte Hinchcliffe in the movie ‘The Inbetweeners’ and now she’ll probably be even more renowned as Emily Atack sizzles on the April 2012 cover of FHM magazine. The English actress looks super comfortable as she strips to nothing but her lingerie for FHM for the camera lens of acclaimed photographer Marc Van Dalen.

In between shots the 22 year old bombshell found the time to sit down for a chat with one of the magazine’s writers and gushed on everything from career to her off-set night-life and wardrobe malfunctions, so check out highlights of Ms. Atack’s interview and take a sneak-peek at a selection of her sexy spread for FHM as it’s surely worth all of your attention.

After her highly successful role in the movie ‘The Inbetweeners’, Emily Atack didn’t need to take time off and rest as she moved on to another role which implied channelling her inner ‘femme fatale’. She tells FHM that:

“I’m just finishing shooting a film called ‘Get Lucky’ and I’m really excited about it. There’s loads of action and it’s gritty. But it’s not your typical British gangster film. You care about the characters. I play the femme fatale. I get a gun and everything!”

Getting all glamed-up and looking picture perfect in front of the cameras as well as in front of the eyes of thousands of people is definitely not easy as when things go wrong everyone will be watching. Apparently Ms. Atack is no stranger to embarrassing situations as she admits having been the ‘victim’ of a wardrobe malfunction in the past. She recalls that:

“At the Radio One Teen Awards we had to go up on stage and get an award and I had the sticky boob–cup things on. As I was walking down to get the award, they just lost their stick. They started slipping down and I was like, ‘Oh s#@t!,’ but luckily I held them up!”

Although she’s probably the sensation at any event, Emily Atack states that she loves to hang out with her friends on her free time and she enjoys having cocktails and everything. She sure knows how to have fun as she tells the magazine that:

“I love going out for dinner with a big group of people, having loads of cocktails and food and then going off to a bar. I like going to gigs. I like everything!”

Check out Emily Atack’s full spread and complete interview in the April 2012 issue of FHM magazine, out now! Photos courtesy of FHM