It seems that superstar Taylor Swift has decided to make other plans for the holidays as it is rumored she has spent the Thanksgiving weekend with Jake Gyllenhaal. The rumors surrounding the two as being a couple has been circulating ever since the two were spotted holding hands in NY while on a casual but seemingly walk.

Celebrities have always been in the spotlight especially when it comes to romance so no wonder the paparazzi have been following the couples every step.

Thanksgiving is a holiday which most people cherish with their loved ones so could this mean that Taylor and Jake are in a romantic relationship? After all it’s been rumored that Jake Gyllenhaal has spend close to $160 000 to fly Taylor Swift to London for a couple of days, as he was promoting his movie. Now that is a sum you don’t spend for any friend!

However Taylor didn’t neglect her family, as she decided to spend a bit of time with Jake and then came to visit her family and celebrate, but according to Taylor things weren’t all that fun as she tweeted:

“Why, at my family gatherings, do we always have to end up YouTubing funny cat videos..”

Well there a popular saying which states: where there’s smoke, there’s fire! and so these rumors have to have a base1 The two look quite lovely together so we can’t wait for an official confirmation!