Taylor Swift graces the April 2012 cover of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. In the interview with the magazine, the lovely 22-year-old singer talks about love, career and her next album, but she also accepts to discuss a few of her contemporaries. Swift admits that she worries too much. “I worry about everything. Literally everything you can possibly think of, I worry about. I worry that maybe those lights over there will set the curtain on fire. I think, and worry, and I am anxious about any outcome my career could have or any decision that I make – even the little ones. It takes up a lot of time and sleepless nights, but I think the fact that I do worry about so much keeps me from making crazy, dumb impulse decisions,” she says.

On missteps and making wrong choices, the young country singer says that, “It’s important to have spontaneity as an artist, I understand that. That you have to go all-out and live your life. But I am really hoping to make… It’s impossible to not make stupid decisions. But I’m hoping to keep them to a minimum.”

Love is a great resource in Taylor’s career. Speaking about it, the singer told the magazine that, “It’s pretty hard to study something as much as I have studied love. [I’ve been] thinking about and writing about love and break-ups for three albums.” Moreover, she added that, “It’s not the same animal that it was when I was 16. Love is so different now, and it’s so much more difficult to verbalise how it feels to lose someone or to fall in love with someone. You’ve got to dig deeper into it and find other angles.”

Taylor Swift Covers Harpers Bazaar Australia April 2012

In a recent interview, Swift said that she would like to get married and have “an army of kids”. When asked about this, she told Harper’s Bazaar that, “I’m 22, so I don’t know anything about anything compared to what I will think about things five or 10 years from now. So I would say the future is open to a million possibilities as far as where I am going, and who I will end up with and how many kids we’ll have. I can’t believe I actually said that – an army of kids.”

On being herself, Taylor confesses that she doesn’t have to act when accepting awards or giving interviews. “I feel pretty lucky because the business me is the real me. It’s not like I have to play some character in meetings or in interviews. That person is not that far from when I am at my friend’s house and raiding the fridge. That makes my life a lot less exhausting,” she says.

In the cover story, Swift also dishes on some of her contemporaries. Adele? “Oh, she’s so sweet and funny. She is amazing, both talent-wise and her personality – I love running into her,” Swift says. Zooey Deschanel? “I love her – she is so charming. She is amazing, how she sings to herself on [US television series] ‘New Girl’,” Taylor admits. What about Justin Bieber? “So awesome. I have known him since he was 15. I remember he came out to a show – I had invited him because I had seen him on YouTube and thought that he has this thing that’s going to make millions of girls love him,” the young songstress told the magazine.

Taylor Swift Covers Harpers Bazaar Australia April 2012

Taylor Swift contributed to the flood relief effort in Australia in late 2010-early 2011. “Australia is one of [my] favourite places. So, to hear that horrible things were happening and that people were losing their homes… look, when you see something bad happening out in the world, you should try to help in whatever way you can,” the singer confesses.

The lovely star admits that staying current with fans is an important thing. “As an artist you have to be really self-aware. As a songwriter, especially. You need to be aware enough to catch yourself creating similar things to what you have created before and steer away from that. You have to grow, otherwise you will lose people’s attention and you will get bored with yourself,” Taylor explains.

On her fourth album set to be released later this year, Swift says that, “The tone is a little different. This one is focused on an all-encompassing, heartbreaking thing that happened, about the rise and fall of a relationship.” “I really, really, really, really want to nail this next record. I’m probably going to go into the semi-crazy, mumbling-to-myself-in-public, hysterically, ridiculously non-stop rambling, lyric-editing mode that I go into in the last six months of making a record. There are about 25 songs I have written so far, and the trick is going to be paring them down to the ones that will make this something I am more proud of than anything I have done before,” she added.

Read Taylor Swift’s full interview in the April 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

Taylor Swift Covers Harpers Bazaar Australia April 2012

Photos courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar Australia