Billionaire beauty Tamara Ecclestone strips down to nothing but her heels and poses on a bed with £1 million for acclaimed photographer Tyler Shields. Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter of billionaire Formula One president and CEO Bernie Ecclestone, who is also a socialite, model and TV personality with a reality TV show on the works to present her lavishing lifestyle, isn’t shy to display her wealth and beauty for everyone to see. Tyler Shields’ lens have captured the English beauty in various stances that would make everyone jealous.

Tyler Shields is known for the unusual approach in his photography and it seems that the unique vision of the esteemed artist drew Tamara’s attention. According to The Sun, Tyler’s agent told the newspaper that: “Tyler asked if she could get hold of £1million and she said she already had it lying around. So he got her to lie in it naked.”

With her reality TV show “Billion $$$ Girl” about to launch, Tamara opted to spice things up with an incendiary pictorial signed Tyler Shields. The launch of the reality TV show, which Tamara hopes will let people know the real her, and the photoshoot coincided, so take a peek at the amazing result.

Wearing in certain photos lingerie, glam dresses or nothing but a fabulous pair of red sole Christian Louboutin shoes, Tamara looked absolutely fabulous. With long soft wavy hair and flawless red lips, the diva truly looked and acted as a 1 million bucks. According to DailyMail, Tamara revealed that: “I enjoyed shooting with Tyler as he is so creative and this shoot was so different to anything I have ever done. In my new TV show I am trying to come across as Tamara, rather than Bernie’s daughter, and I believe the shoot with Tyler will make me be seen in that way.”

Tyler also captured the 27 year old billionaire while cooking eggs in a sexy black lingerie, sweeping a street in a glam floor-length dress and high Louboutins and ironing money. Somehow the diva makes even these not so glam moments look hot, so check her exclusive photographs signed Tyler Shields and tell us what you think!

Photos courtesy of Tyler Shields