Celebrities have always been the one to show us the latest trends, but their little are just as much trend setters as their parents. One of the most stylish celebrity child, Suri Cruise, has now started sporting a new look: heels. Check out how this charming 3 years old girl is showing some attitude.

Suri have been one of the most chic celebrity babies, who always has the best hairstyles, most feminine clothes and stylish smile ever. She never wears pants, and recently she started wearing heels. Suri is convinced that sneakers are boy shoes and she has a strong enough will to wear heels at her age.

Suri Cruise golden heels Suri Cruise Halloween Heels

Suri is always ready to pose, with some stylish dress, a nice top and a gorgeous look in her eyes. She matches great accessories to her appearance, with some wonderful bags that always match her shoes. It might attract many controversial rumors, but it's definitely stylish.

Her clothes are specially designed for her, by Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, and Burberry, even Cavalli made a dress for her. As for the special shoes, Christian Louboutin makes their design since she was 18 month old.

She might be young, but the junior fashionista surely knows how to wear the best outfits and how to match them in the most genius way. Since she was first spotted wearing heels at shopping with her mum, Suri is sporting the most amazing shoes each time she appears in public.

So is this the next generation style? Will all toddles wear heels now? It is basically your choice as a parent, but we can be sure that shoe designers will shortly make the most amazing styles for our little.

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