The reality show the girls are getting ready for, is going to be the biggest hit in the UK. Victoria Beckham has already shoot a cameo in the “Gossip Girl” TV series and going to be a guest judge for American Idol. The rest of the girls are trying to keep up, but they will surely hit the tops with their show. It will need hard work and motivation, but they are the Spice Girls, they will probably do it in a minute.

The show is all about finding the perfectly matching girls who look very much like the British celebrities. They will have to play their own role, in a musical based on the girls way to success. It could run for months or even years, if it will be just as big as it is expected to be.

Each of the “Spice Girls” members got quite busy in the last few years. They haven’t give up to fame, they just tried different angles of it. Melanie, known as Scary Spice, have started a solo career, but without making major impact in the music industry. She also tried her luck in the movie industry, being an actress and television personality. She performed in musicals, reality shows and even attending the glorious show “Dancing with the Stars”. As an author, Mel B. has released her autobiography in 2002.

Geri Halliwell had a bit more luck, releasing more solo albums with four number one singles and even publishing a book series. The children’s novel series of 6 books was one of the big accomplishments of Ginger Spice. She also had a 90 minutes documentary, appeared as a judge in different TV shows, released a yoga DVD and done charity work.

Emma Bunton, nicknamed Baby Spice, is not only a pop singer, but also a songwriter, radio presenter, occasional actress and appeared in several TV shows.

Melanie Chisholm, the businesswoman, television personality and of course writer and singer, has continued her solo career, with various number one singles. But she decided to take a break from the music industry and focus on her acting.

Victoria Beckham, the Posh Spice is still keeping up her fame, even if she’s the single Spice Girl not to have any number one singles. She wrote an autobiography and a fashion advice guide, shot five official reality documentaries, appeared in many cameo shots of TV series and her biggest accomplishments is getting a style icon. She walked on the runway, the designed collections, and made fashion statement looks that influenced trends.

Spice Girls Show

So are you ready to play one of their role? The girls will judge and find the most original personalities that can pay their role. The question is, will the reality show be the hit, or the musical about the Spice story and their songs? The show is rumored to be called as “Spice Idol” and predicted as a show with no limits.