Following the success of ‘Modern Family’ and with a new movie ‘The Three Stooges’ out this April, Colombian actress Sofia Vergara should be very proud of herself as with a blooming career and a stunning physique, the diva seems to have found the perfect recipe to make it big in the entertainment business.

Displaying her sizzling hot body for the April 2012 issue of InStyle, Sofia demonstrated that she would put women half her age to shame, so check out the stunning photoshoot she did with the magazine and take a peek at highlights of her interview where she gushed on everything from her idea of a perfect date to hating math.

With her perfect hourglass silhouette, Sofia Vergara probably has thousands of men who dream about taking her on a date, so the star shares with InStyle her idea of a perfect date. Apparently, nothing too fancy or extreme is the perfect way to go, as Ms. Vergara reveals that:

“A great date? Dinner and a movie. Or sports, watched in the venue, not on TV. No canoes. No water. Nothing to mess up the hair.”

Growing up, Sofia Vergara observed her mother going through her beauty routine, so no wonder that she looks flawless every time. With perfectly coiffed hair and a perfect makeup every time, Sofia Vergara makes heads turn everywhere, so it seems that observing her mother’s beauty routine was a definite plus. She says that:

“I grew up watching my mother do her makeup. It would be 7 AM, and she would be putting in hot rollers to take us to school. For us, that’s normal!”

Making it in the entertainment business is not easy but it seems that with a little bit of effort, luck and plenty of talent, one can pave his/her way to success. Sofia Vergara reveals that she’s strived to achieve success and it was all worth it. She says:

“I’ve lived a life full of things I never thought I could achieve. It takes effort and sacrifice, but why not risk trying to be better.”

Remembering her student years, Sofia Vergara gushes on her least favorite school subject and as many would agree, her least favorite subject was math. Cracking a joke, Sofia tells InStyle that:

“I always hated Math. The moment I run out of fingers, I can’t count anymore.”

Check out Sofia Vergara’s full interview and sizzling shot photoshoot in InStyle’s April 2012 issue.

Sofia Vergara Sizzles in InStyle April 2012

Photos courtesy of InStyle