Celebrities are known for their massive efforts to look fabulous and makeup poses as the most reliable beauty booster. However, caught without any beauty enhancers, celebs usually shock their fans but it seems Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki has shocked her fans but in a positive way with her makeup-free pics!

Reality TV guidette Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki is known for her love for heavy makeup and tanned skin and is rarely seen without a well defined makeup but it seems that the diva wanted to show her fans her natural look as she tweeted a few pictures in which she looks flawless without a trace of makeup on.

Celebrities are rarely seen without makeup and when they do get surprised by the paparazzi they make it to the 'shocker' list. However, the 24 year old Snooki looks great without makeup and her fans have not been shy to compliment her.

Snooki with Slap Snooki without Slap

Makeup is a definite must have of celebs when it comes to public appearances although naturalness has been highly mediated the past couple of seasons. The immense transformation power of makeup reaches its peak of visibility when celebs are featured in photographs with and without any makeup, and Snooki's natural look seems to prove that sometimes the saying 'less is more' should be taken seriously into consideration as most of her fans tweeted back saying she looks more gorgeous when she's not wearing makeup.

Nicole Polizzi tweeted via her Twitter account three pictures of herself wearing no makeup and a little bit lighter than her usual tanned skin look, and it seems that she was quite happy and relaxed about her all natural appearance as she wrote:
“No make up day :) and IDC :)”

Due to the massive amount of positive responses to the first photo, Nicole replied her fans telling them they are just amazing and followed by two other no-makeup pics posted the following day. Snooki tweeted:
“Can I just say how AMAZING my fans/supporters are! You guys really know how to put a smile on my face! Love You all beyond words....”

Snooki Tweets Photos of Herself Wearing No Makeup Snooki Tweets Photos of Herself Without Makeup

Photos via Twitter/@snooki, Getty Images, PR Photos