Alecia Beth Moore or as the world knows her Pink managed to win the heart of the public with her wild and bold clothing style as well as glamorous performances. Indeed in spite of her stormy relationship with the famous motocross racer Carey Hart she still decided to give it a second go and make things official. The rumors related to her pregnancy indeed where launched by the ambiguous messages she sent throughout twitter to her friends.

She claims at one point that: “I got so much done today. i feel completely capable of domesticity. how long will this last til’ i’m climbing the walls? we shall see. (sic)” “Thinkin about hibernating for winter. (sic)”. Pink also stated several times that having a baby is one of her greatest wishes however her music career seemed more important at that time.

The US Weekly however reported the news that the diva was still expecting her first child with the old time hubby and that: ”She’s 12 weeks along“She wanted to do it between tours, when she has some time off.”

Things indeed happen without us having the chance to interfere. However in this case things turned out to be just fabulous as Pink was happy about the reconciliation with Carey and their problems seemed to vanish.

As it was revealed earlier the same source claimed to the magazine that “Pink was determined to make the relationship solid. Now she’s really happy, and she’s excited she got pregnant so fast! She’ll be a brilliant mother.”

The 31 years old singer is about to pave the way of a complete family together with her husband a step that will also influence her career, still taking a longer break would definitely not offend the eager fans as they have the chance to share the cheer and blessing the young diva will experience. Looking forward to see the cute baby bump.

Pink Pregnancy Rumors

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