Shia LaBeouf is definitely one of Hollywood's bad boys as his wild nature has made headlines on several occasions. In his latest interview with Details, Shia reveals he and Megan Fox hooked up while filming for Transformers, so find out more juicy details next!

Apparently, there's a new bad boy in Hollywood and he's getting plenty of attention due to his style. Shia LaBeouf covers the latest issue of Details where he causes a stir admitting he hooked up with Megan Fox. He and Megan co-stared in the first two Transformers flicks, but until now this “secret” was pretty well kept.

Shia LaBeouf doesn't like to hide his feelings, this is why usually when he is asked a question he tends to give a blunt, straightforward answer, regardless of the situation. His true nature doesn't go all that well with being an actor, as proven when things heated up between him and Steven Spielberg, after Shia made some comments about the movie Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

Shia LaBeouf Details

Shia LaBeouf Covers Details Admits Hooking Up With Megan Fox Shia LaBeouf Covers Details Admits Hooking Up With Megan Fox

Because he is so outspoken, when asked if he has ever hooked up with his Transformers co-star Megan Fox, Shia nodded affirmatively, according to Details and says:
“Look, you're on the set for six months, with someone who's rooting to be attracted to you, and you're rooting to be attracted to them. I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation. But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen.”

The twist of the entire thing is given by the fact that Megan Fox was dating her present hubby, actor Brian Austin Green during that period, so was she and Shea hooking up before or while Megan was dating Brian Austin?!
When asked about Megan Fox's relationship status to Brian Austin at that time, Shia replied he doesn't know. After repeting “I don't know” for several times, Shia replied:
“It was what it was.”

Shia LaBeouf Covers Details Admits Hooking Up With Megan Fox

Shia LaBeouf Covers Details Admits Hooking Up With Megan Fox

Shia LaBeouf Covers Details Admits Hooking Up With Megan Fox

When asked about other women in his life, Shia LaBeouf maintains the same amount of sincerity. He says the one date he had with Hillary Duff was “probably the worst date either of us have ever had”. On ex-girlfriend Carey Mulligan, Shia says he still has love for her. He tells details that:
“I still love her. I think she's an awesome person and an incredible actress. We're still pals. I wouldn't take any of it back, and I don't think she would either. It just ran its course.”

This bad boy definitely knows his wild personality and sincere roots aren't bringing him only positive things. He does think he should be more diplomatic, but he still maintains the same strong attitude. Shia says he'd like to be as diplomatic as George Clooney, but also says:
“I just don't have the wherewithal yet or the inner serenity. My bull#@$% meter is tuned very sensitive."
“I don't like having my space invaded. I'm a human being who pays his taxes. And I don't respond in a really sweetheart way. I mean, maybe I should develop that, but even as I say that, I have this cheerleader in the back of my head that's like, 'No, man, don't conform!'”

Shia LaBeouf will definitely make headlines from now on also as this Hollywood hottie has a lot more things to prove.

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