The high end demands of superstars seem to be rubbing on newbies as rising hip-hop star Nicki Minaj is apparently refining her backstage demands. The ‘Super Bass’ singer is making sure she and her entourage are getting the best of the best while preparing to rock the stage, and her demands include plenty of scented candles, flowers, surprisingly spicy chicken and silverware if they’re on for a lengthy period of time and need to grab a bite before or after a concert.

Nicki isn’t just looking out for herself but her crew as well, as she includes demands for her entourage when it comes to her performances. According to Wonderland Magazine who interviewed Nicki Minaj, among the usual backstage demands for Nicki and her team stand the following:

Bottled water on ice as well as room temperature, hot tea setups with lemon and honey, apple juice, three packs of different flavor chewing gum, Saving Grace throat spray, 3 packs of Thayers Slippery Elm lozenges in three different flavors, assorted fruit juices, Red Bull energy drinks and one gallon of lemonade.

The room must be decorated with two dozen pink and white roses as well as scented candles that smell like baked goods, it must be equipped with two space heaters and a humidifier.

When it comes to food, the diva’s specifications are quite clear and she must have what she likes best which is: scrambled eggs made out of egg whites, fried turkey bacon, white toast, strawberry and grape jam, Belgian waffles with syrup, whipped cream, butter and strawberries. Along these treats that must be enough to serve 4 people, Nicki also demands a bucket of spicy fried chicken (no thighs but lot of wings), a large fruit platter, cheese, a deli tray, salads and dressing, wheat crackers, tuna in water, carrots and dip, dried cranberries and raw almonds.

Celebrity singers such as Beyonce, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey are known for their pretentious backstage demands, so it appears that it really does pay off to be a celebrity!

Do you think Nicki Minaj’s backstage requests are over the top or is she still keeping things reasonable compared to other celebs?

Photos courtesy of Getty Images