'Pretty Little Liars' actress Shay Mitchell graces the cover of Seventeen where she puts on display her colorful fashion style while chatting about her co-stars, being an inspiration for others and more, so check out highlights of her interview and spread!

Canadian bombshell, actress Shay Mitchell, is making sure she's making herself noticed by gracing the cover of Seventeen, the magazine's August 2012 issue, where she posed like a true pro in front of Stewart Shining's camera lens for Seventeen, while opening up about her current co-stars, being bullied through high school and more, so find out what the 25 year old actress had to share with her fans by checking out a selection of her stylish spread and highlights of her interview with the mag, next.

After landing the role of Emily Fields in the popular TV series 'Pretty Little Liars', actress Shay Mitchell proved that she's more than just a pretty face as she's managed to impress the public with stunning performances for two years now. She might have managed to come to fame quite rapidly but it seems that things weren't always all that easy for Shay as she confesses to Seventeen that she went through the worst time in high school, being a victim of bullying. She told Seventeen that this is the reason why before she developed an interest for acting, she wanted to become a counselor. She said:

“When I was in high school, I wanted to be a counselor and I wanted to work with kids. I’ve been through the worst of high school. And I want to motivate people to live the best life that they can, because we’re only here for one life."

Now that she's managed to build a career, the 25 year old actress is much more comfortable in her own skin as she proves while striking a pose donning an array of flirty-fun, summery colored garments for the photoshoot. When asked if there's something she wishes she would have known while growing up, Shay tells the magazine that:

“Growing up, I wish I hadn’t tried so hard to fit in. I’d tell myself to just embrace what you were born with because it’s beautiful and you were made like that for a reason. It’s tough being a girl. I think we need all of the support we can get.”

Thinks seem promising for the young actress who reveals to Seventeen that in these two years that she's been filming 'Pretty Little Liars', she's managed to get to know her co-stars pretty well and that they're like sisters. She tells the magazine that:

“I’m so close with each of the girls for different things. Troian is my go-to when I want advice on something. She’s literally like her character—so smart. Lucy is so cute and southern. We joke around a lot on-set. And Ashley is like the fun, carefree little sister who I never had.”

Find out more about Shay Mitchell by checking out her complete spread and full interview featured in the August 2012 issue of Seventeen, out July 3rd.

Photos courtesy of Seventeen