The 18 year old actress seems to feature more on the front page of tabloids than ever especially for her private life issues. Selena Gomez reportedly has a close relationship with the 16 years old heartbreaker Justin Bieber who surprised millions of fans and the media with his unconventional lifestyle. The rumors related to their possible affair is further complemented with an additional rumor related to the fact that Selena Gomez removed her purity ring. Indeed, the jewelry that marked the chastity of the young Disney series star is not a novelty among celebs as the Jonas Brothers and others also sported it in the past.

Back in 2008 she claimed to Warnerbros about her intention that: “I said, ‘Dad I want a promise ring. He went to the church and got it blessed. He actually used me as an example for other kids. I’m going to keep my promise to myself, to my family and to God.”

However, as the National Enquirer claims: “When the ring came off, Selena’s parents became unglued,”, “Selena got the ring at 12 and never took it off.”

“But when things started getting hot with Justin, suddenly she was wearing it less and less.” (National Enquirer).

Moreover, not only the media is worried about the consequences of this act, but also Selena’s parents who think that her relationship with the heartthrob music icon might not be the best idea.

The same media source reveals that: “Selena’s family thinks the world of Justin and isn’t opposed to them dating. But they’re very conservative people and they’d be heartsick if she did something with him that she’d later regret.

“The family has even gone as far as having people in her entourage report back to them when she spends time with Justin. Selena hates being spied on, and that’s pushing her away from her family.”(National Enquirer)

Whether this is a long term decision of Selena or she just forgot about wearing it on the various events due to accessorizing issues, it’s still a secret. However, time will definitely reveal us the real intention with this surprising act of Selena and whether it has something to do with Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez Removes Purity Ring

Photo courtesy of Getty Images, TMZ