The media frenzy surrounding teen couple Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seems to be growing as everyone wants to know everything about their relationship. This is one of the hottest couples of the moment and obviously fans and paparazzi want to see everything that is going on with the two. One of the terrible things related to this young couple is the threats Selena Gomez received for dating Justin, and the last rumor is shocking as it was stated: Selena Gomez was punched by a Justin Bieber fan.

The paparazzi were waiting just outside the restaurant where Justin Bieber had his birthday dinner and once he and Selena came out the flashes were triggered and it looked like 4th of July. It is here where the paparazzi surprised Selena holding her hands around her face and a swollen red lip was revealed. This is where the rumors started on Twitter, claiming Selena was punched by a fan.

However, Selena Gomez didn’t get punched by a Justin Bieber fan, said Gomez’s rep to People. The Bieber fever spread like wildfire and it seems he has some crazy fans which don’t want to see Justin with anyone. It’s been said Selena Gomez’s haters have even sent out death threats, which could scare everyone.

Celebrity life is definitely not easy, and many celebrity couples cracked under the media pressure and ended up splitting. Hopefully this extreme interest regarding Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber won’t have an impact over their relationship.

Although Selena Gomez’s representatives claim she was not punched in the face, one thing is for certain. Something or someone has given her that lip wound, and this definitely raises some questions. Could someone who loves Bieber’s music be so jealous to try to hurt his girl? Well, we hope the answer to this question is No.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seem to have finally cleared the status of their relationship at the Vanity Fair party, when the two were caught kissing on camera. This is all the confirmation everyone needed and the fact Justin and Selena left the restaurant where Justin organized his birthday dinner together, only comes to show the two are serious. We love them as a couple and hope neither will suffer any trauma caused by the media attention surrounding them!