Sean Kingston, the internationally known hip-hop star known for his hit song “Beautiful Girls” as well as his latest hit with best friend Justin Bieber “Eenie Meeni” has recently suffered injuries in a jet ski accident in Miami Beach. Apparently, Sean Kingston was operating the ski jet when it crashed into a bridge.

Both Kingston and a female passenger were thrown off the jet and were rescued by a good Samaritan, a coast guard patrol officer off duty. According to TMZ, Sean Kingston was spitting blood when he was rescued, but was responsive and was able to speak. The ambulance transported Sean and the female passenger to Jackson Ryder Trauma Center in Miami.

Apparently, Sean Kingston is going to be fine as he was stabilized and moved from the trauma unit to ICU. The cause of the accident is still unknown, but one thing is for certain: it wasn’t alcohol related. So did Sean Kingston lose control over the watercraft or was he just not paying attention?

According to People, Jorge Pino, the spokesman for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation said that “9 times out of 10, recklessness on the water involving personal watercraft contributes to accidents,” but doesn’t state this was the case for this accident. Pino also added: “That is not necessarily the cause of this one, but we spend a lot of time patrolling the areas looking for violations with jet skis and motor boats.”

Fortunately for Sean Kingston someone noticed the accident and so he was pulled out of the water safely and on time. As for now, Sean Kingston is stabilized and his family thanks everyone for their prayers and support.

Justin Bieber also showed his support on twitter by stating he’ll pray for his friend and asks his fans to do the same. We hope everything will be all right and we wish Sean all the best!

Justin Bieber Tweet to Sean Kingston

Photos courtesy of PR Photos, Twitter