Watch out as there is another rumored couple in Tinseltown, and the media is on their tail constantly to find out if the rumors are true. Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are the newest rumored couple in Hollywood and everyone was stunned as there is a significant age difference between the two.

Scarlett Johansson, 26, has recently divorced her hubby Ryan Reynolds, as well as Sean Penn, who is 50 now, divorced his wife in 2009, after 13 years of marriage, so there isn’t really anything that could hold them back from dating.

The rumors related to the two dating started at the celebration party for movie “Black Swan”, which took place at L.A. Sunset Tower Hotel. A source then told People that Sean and Johansson stayed unusually close. It was also said that:

“They were flirting with each other all night, pretty much ignoring everyone else.”

Although Johansson’s representative shot down the rumors then, the two have been spotted after spending time together. Now this isn’t something uncommon, but Johansson was spotted doing something just friends don’t usually do: as the two were having dinner at a restaurant, Scarlett put her leg into Sean Penn’s lap. The pictures made headlines and this only made the rumors seem grounded.

Their latest escapade too has got people wondering if they are more than just friends, as they were seen having dinner in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The two flew in the morning to Mexico, in a private jet and returned back to US ground the next day, as Scarlett was shooting in L.A the movie “We Bought a Zoo”.

Could Scarlett be planning for this to happen to spite the fact that her ex hubby is rumored to date ex “The Proposal” co-worker Sandra Bullock. Is she trying to prove she’s moved on also or has she already moved on? Could this mean the two are an item or just plain friends? So far no comments from either parties, but we hope soon someone will shed some light over this matter.

Scarlett Johansson Dating Sean PennScarlett with Jeremy Denner and the 2011 Oscars

Photo courtesy of Getty Images, TMZ