Salma Hayek has always been admired for her wonderful physical traits, being one of the most attractive female celebrities in Hollywood. Despite the fact that she has revealed her desire to launch a beauty line a couple of years ago, up until now, no definite action was taken to fulfill this desire.

However, things are now starting to go in the right direction as the actress has confirmed that she has partnered up with CVS to create an affordable beauty line which will be inspired by her culture. The line will be called Nuance and will be designed to be accessible for women from all income ranges.

To explain her decision, Salma pointed out to her own genetic heritage by saying: “I always wanted to do this because my grandmother, who was a beauty, she died at 96 with no wrinkles. And you should see my mother! We have some family secrets … You know how if you burn the stone of the mamey fruit and rub it on your eyelashes it makes them grow?”

The statements Salma made were highly relevant for the beauty line as products from the line will contain a series of natural skin care ingredients found in abundance in Mexico. Some of the active ingredients that will be used are tepezcohuite, which has great moisturizing and skin regenerating characteristics, and concha nacar, which is said to help lighten the skin by dealing with common aging related problems such as skin pigmentation and sunspots.

Although she is a firm believer in the amazing powers that these ingredients have, she is being quite cautious as far as the official claims made about the products are concerned:

“And we’re not even claiming some of the things I know this stuff can do,” the actress stated. Indeed, not relying on personal empiric experiences to promote the new beauty line is certainly a wise decision, at least from a legal standpoint.

Those who were hoping to have a chance to experiment with the new products anytime soon might be a little disappointed, considering the fact that the line is only set to be released next year. Nonetheless, if we take into account the natural beauty of the Hollywood star as well as her solid reputation, it can be relatively safe to assume that her latest project might be well worth the wait.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images