Some women seem to age beautifully, becoming even more stunning as years pass by and one good example is Mexican-born actress Salma Hayek. Pregnancy and being a hands-on mommy seem to have only helped Salma bloom as she looks absolutely amazing on the cover of Allure September 2011 issue which hits the stands later this month.

While most celebrities are not too keen to speak about the treatments they turn towards for help when it comes to looking amazing as well as their private life, Salma faces the questions without hesitation and talks about her life casually in an exclusive interview with Allure. Things weren’t always easy for Salma, as she says that when she started her career she had to make a few adjustments with regards to her look, meaning she transformed herself into a sexy Latina. Salma said: “When I first started, I found that I had to play the part of something they could swallow in Hollywood, which was the sexy Latin girl. I was not dressing like that in Mexico.”

Salma Hayek ALlure

Salma Hayek Allure 2011

Just like any celebrity, Salma has felt the pressure of always looking fabulous, thus she had to learn tricks which helped hide imperfections. However, she says that she never turned towards the help of any kind of treatments as far as her face goes. She tells Allure that: “I’ve never had anything done on my face — I’ve never had dermabrasion or peels or injections of any kind, nothing.”

She does believe in preserving youth with different skin care products but doesn’t believe beauty comes by turning towards invasive procedures or treatments. Salma, who developed her own beauty line Nuance, available at CVS, says: “I believe that every woman is entitled to fight to preserve her youth.”

Salma Hayek Covers Allure September 2011 Salma Hayek Covers Allure September 2011 Salma Hayek Covers Allure September 2011 Salma Hayek Covers Allure September 2011

Salma’s beauty line is a tribute to her grandmother who studied to be a beautician, and even gives her and her treatments credit for her fabulous hair. Salma tells Allure that she started paying attention to her skin since she was 12 or 13 and that: “I never used soap on my face. Once, she shaved our heads and put egg on it and all these things. But I have to give her credit—my hair is great.”

Even if she radiates beauty, Salma says that she did experience the feeling of being teased, but she managed to deal with things. Salma says that: “I got teased because I was too short, or I was too brown. You would think in Mexico that would be something normal, but I did get teased.”

Find out more about Salma’s life, her experience with motherhood and more in the September Issue of Allure Magazine.

Photos courtesy of Allure Photographer Mario Testino