Indian weddings are indeed breathtaking both in their colorful and versatile as well as sensual and romantic rituals. Therefore the celeb couple Russel Brand and Katy Perry were flirting with the idea of officalizing their relationship in this mesmerizing scenario. The plans realized and they revealed the actual date of their wedding which is planned for 23 October. The party as well as the ceremony will be hosted by the luxurious Taj Rambagh Palace hotel where guests, friends and family will honor the special event.

Katy Perry Russel Brand Indian wedding

The Russel Brand and Katy Perry Indian wedding however won’t be just an ordinary celeb ceremony as they would like to keep things simple and more harmonious in order to have the chance to party with their beloved relatives and friends all in a loving and warm atmosphere.

Russel claimed to The Telegraph that “I’m trying to preserve it, to keep it a beautiful thing. I think people get the wrong idea on how we want the wedding to play out. Love between two people is the most spectacular yet ordinary thing in the world.”

Indeed simple or low-key is a relative term therefore let’s find out the tiny details of the whole ceremony to decide it for ourselves whether this is what we call traditional and simple.

The party is held actually throughout an entire week including a tiger safari. The fascinating program is organized by Mindy Weiss a wedding planner who is one of the best-known and sought-after professionals in the entertainment business.

The couple promises some elements of the traditional Indian ceremony as well as other influences that would make the event even more special and memorable both for them as well as the guests. Special celebrity guests include Noel Gallagher, Taylor Swift as well as Rihanna.

The stylish invitation is formulated in the following way:“Meet you in Delhi in October. Dates to follow. Please allow seven days for this event.” After the week long celebration the Mr. And Mrs. Brand will move to the US.

Russel Brand Katy Perry Wedding

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