The royal wedding is one of the hottest subjects that keeps the world on its toes. Fans of the royal family are keen to find out more about the guests, the apparels along with other preparations. Therefore, it is a real thrill to find out that Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to make their BIG day one of the most interactive events of the decade.

Besides the fact that- as the Telegraph reveals- the public will be informed about the most important events with the help of Twitter, flickr and Facebook, we also have the chance to watch the complete ceremony on YouTube. The future bride and groom confessed that they are ardent fans of social networking, therefore, it is extremely important for them to share their once in a lifetime experience with fans and audience.

The online coverage of the event on April 29 is secured by a live blog provided by Google which will be perfectly synchronized with the live footage. This facility will allow the audience to click on different links that offer more information on the wedding service as well as other special moments included in the whole ceremony.

The real idea behind this lovely project is revealed by the spokesman for St James’s Palace, “We wanted people to be able to interact with the royal wedding as they watch it. “Prince William and Catherine Middleton are like any other people their age in respect of social media. They are Facebook users and YouTube users…and their intention has always been that their wedding should be accessible to everyone.” (

Fans will have the opportunity to watch the royal wedding live on YouTube starting from 10am, exactly one hour before the complete ceremony, to 2 pm, after Kate and William will appear on the balcony of the Buckingham Palace. Text commentary will be also added to the live blog together with other information and useful links.

The spokesperson also added that, “This will be the first time a live blog has run alongside a live stream on YouTube for any occasion… For example, as the carriage procession passes Clarence House, a link will appear which provides historical information on Clarence House.”

Furthermore, the public is also invited to post video messages of congratulations to the royal couple on a ‘wedding book’ launched by YouTube. Fans can also relate how they celebrate the great event through the already available Facebook site of the royal family. Keep an eye on this remarkable event using your favorite social networking sites.

Image courtesy of Getty Images