The world was just mesmerized by her natural beauty and stunningly perfect body, so no wonder that model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was chosen to demonstrate the beauty of the new season’s tribal prints in the next issue of Harper’s Bazaar US, the December 2011 issue.

You’d think that one of the most beautiful women in the world, model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, would have had the world at her knees as a teenager, but it seems that things couldn’t have been more different as the ‘Transformers 3” hottie tells Harper’s Bazaar December 2011 that she was quite the Ugly Betty as a teenager.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Harpers Bazaar US December 2012 Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Harpers Bazaar US December 2011

Donning some of the hottest designer outfits of the season, items featuring the must have tribal motifs, Rosie demonstrates her modelling skills and shows off her stunning beauty and sensuality. This spring, prints are definitely a must and there is no such thing as too much when it comes to them as Rosie demonstrates in the photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar where she wears the best of the best, creations of some of the world’s most renowned designers such as Burberry Prorsum, Derek Lam, Bottega Veneta, Giorgio Armani and others.

The diva shares with the established magazine that her looks weren’t always that great, saying “I was a bit of an Ugly Betty when I was 15.” Apparently, Rosie first took a job at a modelling agency not as an aspiring model but as an intern, and her job was, according to the Victoria’s Secret Angel, “getting coffee, lighting people’s cigarettes.” It wasn’t until months later that an agent working in the agency realized her potential and booked her first modelling job. According to the English beauty, she turned up at castings “in trainers, with braids, a ton of makeup, plucked eyebrows. I had braces.”

Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Harpers Bazaar US December 2011 Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Harpers Bazaar US December 2011

Things took a whole different turn when she turned 18 and scored a modelling deal with the world renowned Victoria’s Secret brand. Rosie says she just loves parading with the VS Angel wings and that she would love to wear them at a party someday. She tells Harper’s Bazaar: “I’d love to wear them (the wings) for a fancy-dress party sometime. People assume I have wings hanging all over my house, but that is not the case. It’s still such a huge thing for a model. People kind of laugh about it and think it’s irrelevant, but I don’t know a girl in the world who would put those wings on and not feel, just for a split second, very special.”

As far as the transition she recently made, going from the runway to the movie sets, Rosie states that it’s quite the change. She rays: “It’s interesting coming from modelling, where women rule the industry, into one where there are so few great female parts and the competition is so much higher.” The VS Angel even shares her secret to acting, quote which seems to work as her acting role in the ‘Transformers 3’ movie was quite successful. It seems that her quote from coach Stella Adler helped Rosie push through and get into her role: “You have to have the skin of a rhinoceros’—just let go of everything.”

Check out Rosie Huntington Whiteley in the next issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley for Harpers Bazaar US December 2011

Photos courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar