The British actor, who actually got famous for his vampire role in the fantastic romance story Twilight, has decided to release some of his works in music. Believe it or not, he’s playing the guitar and piano to and he’s even composing.

Pattison has been writing songs and performing at small venues and he’s absolutely ready to release an album. He’s quite shy, so he decided just to enjoy working with some good musicians, who are also old friends of his, and probably don’t really care if it will be sold out or not.

For now, all we can find, are some amateur videos about his performances, but he surely has much to promise. The biggest hit is that they even included a few songs of his in the New Moon soundtrack and Pattison wants to compose songs for the third part of the vampire story, Eclipse.

Listening to his work will be more than a thrill, but does this mean he’s quitting and stop acting? Robert is decided not to release any videos, avoiding any extra income from his music career. He says he just wants to have a back-up plan, playing in pubs and other small places.

But let’s face it: he’s already the hottest vampire alive. Releasing the soundtrack for Eclipse will surely make a hit and drive all his fans crazy. So let’s see what’s more to find out about this gorgeous British guy and till than, listen to the soundtrack of “How to Be”, another collection of Pattison’s work.