Fans of the Twilight saga and more specifically Robert Pattinson will have the miraculous privilege to spend some precious time with the teen idol thanks to the offer of Those who wish to invest in a similar fab gift should empty their pockets as the prices for this hotties in currently no less than $30,000, more than you should give to meet the Dalai Lama. The vampire movie heartbreaker decided to make this worth-of-admiration act in order to help raise a pretty generous sum. This time he’ll take advantage of her fame and would allow fans decide how much is it worth to spend a day with Robert.

The package also includes a two night accommodation in the luxurious Four Season Hotel as well as a whole day spent on the set of Breaking Dawn in Vancouver.

Those who are fascinated by the vampire flick will be just thrilled to see the cast including Dakota Fanning, Taylor Lautner and also Kristen Stewart and the whole crew and see where miracles takes place that mesmerizes millions of fans all over the world.

Rob will join you everywhere with a high class limousine. Besides winning a day with Robert Pattinson you’ll also do a real miracle by helping the GO Campaign which helps children in need from all over the world. The complete auction is closed on December 8.

If you wish to meet other people too who might not seem as budget-exhausting, you’ll have the chance to give it a go for Justin Bieber who is at the $3,000 sum as well as Prince William for whom you should take out at this moment a bit more than $8,000 of your pocket.

Robert Pattinson auction Robert Pattinson auctioned for charity

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