Social networks are used by zillions of stars as the secret weapon to land in the limelight. This time Rihanna tweets about new female ‘lover’! According to numerous media reports the singer went on a ‘date’ (sort of) with a lady called Melissa Ford on Thursday night. The girls were photographed as they headed to Malibu’s Giorgio Baldi before they actually landed in Hollywood’s iconic Roxbury nightclub. The images show that the ladies were holding hands like real close friends or… fill in the blank.

Rihanna tweeted that, “I’m on my first date in almost 2 yearz,”[…]“”Beautiful is great, submissive is even better,”[…] “Bawse b***h who’s submissive yet the captain of the ship n HONEST…#priceless #marryME,” she wrote, adding, “But she bad… So maybe she won’t…. But s**t, then again maybe she will.”

The songstress also revealed other details about their ‘date’ using the same social networking site. “So Melissa’s only f**kin wit me til 4/20 #phuck,” she said. “2night is gon’ be a good one, I could feel it! #1LOVE #420 #MARLEY (sic).”

Rihanna Tweets About New Female

This cryptic message triggered numerous controversies and discussions on the subject whether Riri does it for fame or she just wants to switch teams for a period. The ‘We Found Love’ singer is ready to put an end to rumors related to her flick with Ashton Kutcher and brings a new character in the story in the person of this yet unknown lady-friend or ‘lover’. The intriguing love life of Rihanna will definitely become one of the favorite subjects of highly-acclaimed tabloids. We’re definitely looking forward to see whether this story will have other front-page-worthy episodes.

Decide for yourself whether Rihanna is ready to switch teams or not!

Rihanna Tweets About New Female Lover

Image courtesy of Getty Images, Rihanna Twitter