Rihanna is one of our favorite hair chameleons who is eager to intrigue and more, shock the world with her metamorphosis. The crave to trim her locks then grow them out in the most fabulous designs all keep the media as well as the ardent fans on their toes. Those who are familiarized with the hair style evolution of the young style icon are aware of the multitude of haircuts and shades she experimented with all throughout the years. It seems black was the real deal for a long time, however, she suddenly decided to take things to the next level and say goodbye to neutrals.

Choosing a vibrating shade was indeed the best means to make herself again the main subject of interest for those who are crazy about the latest celebrity hair styles as well as paparazzi who were keen to find out the explanation behind the surprising hair color choice.

Rihanna claimed that:

“With my hair I was ready for something new, something loud, something expressive and something fun. I’d had blonde hair and it was so boring for me. Black is still my favorite color, but this time I wanted something edgier because I don’t like the edgy clothes any more. I guess I had to take the edge to somewhere else – my hair!”

Red became hers as she wanted more edge, therefore those who wish to copycat her style career will be able to choose from a wide palette of shades. Instead of sporting eye-popping and bolder outfits she decided to expose her locks to a similar fascinating makeover.

Indeed, we have the chance to witness an evolution in the fashion sense of Rihanna as she is more inclined to wear and promote the apparel ideas of the ace designers as Stella McCartney who is indeed a great fan of classy and minimalist tailoring.

Rihanna also claimed that :

“With fashion the simplest thing like a star, or a flower, can inspire you. I’m into a lot of stuff to do with nature and colors now, just things that are really expressive. I wear a lot of Stella McCartney because what she does is great – she’s a top, top designer.” No wonder we had the chance to see her in the front row on all the acclaimed and prominent fashion shows of the past seasons.

Rihanna with Red Hair Rihanna Red Hairstyle