She’s just made her debut in the movie industry but she’s by far a novice in the entertainment industry as a singer. Rihanna has managed to gather up quite a fan group on an international level. At 24, Rihanna looks hotter than ever as she proves by gracing the cover of Women’s Fitness UK May 2012 issue. Between filming, singing and flaunting her perfect physique on the cover of the magazine, Rihanna still found the time to sit down for a chat with one of the magazine’s writers and shared precious info regarding her fitness routine, favorite foods, love for swimming, her debut as an actress and more, so check out excepts of her interview.

The ‘You Da One’ singer has proved she’s one tough cookie and apparently she’s got that from her mother. The Barbadian goddess told Women’s Fitness UK that:

“My mom is the toughest woman I know. I’m finding myself becoming a lot more like her. Every time I come to a crossroads, I always find myself going back to my mom’s methods.”

She’s not the girl that you intimidate as she’s a girl that stands behind her ideas regardless of the consequences and especially if other people don’t agree with her. With her string character, Rihanna states she stands up for what she believes in. She says:

“I stand up for what I believe in, and a lot of the time that can be against people’s opinion, but that’s the hard thing to do, it really is sometimes. Especially if the majority doesn’t agree.”

One glimpse at her fit, perfectly sculpted physique would tell you that Rihanna only enjoys healthy treats, but according to the singer, she’s got a few guilty pleasures she’s not willing to kick from her eating habits. She tells the magazine that:

“My favorite food right now is microwave butter popcorn. And when I’m in London I’m close to authentic Jamaican food, so I tend to eat that every day.”

Her music career and high popularity helped Rihanna get real comfy in front of the cameras, so no wonder that she’s decided to give acting a shot and for her debut role, she chose to play the role of a tough military chick in the movie ‘Battleship’. This new path she chose to explore did scare Riri in the beginning but now the diva can’t wait to get her hands on another role. She tells the magazine that:

“I wanted to start small, somewhere it could be a learning experience. I didn’t want it to be surfaced at all. And now I’m looking forward to seeing what I do next.”

Check out Rihanna’s full interview and complete photo session in the May 2012 issue of Women’s Fitness UK. Photos courtesy of Women’s Fitness UK