In January Chris Brown asked his attorney to ask the court for the lift of the restraining order. However it seems that authorities were not as gentle as Riri, who decided to make the first step towards handling this delicate issue. As TMZ reports “ E! first reported Rihanna was interested in changing the restraining order. Her attorney, Donald Etra, tells TMZ, ‘Rihanna does not object’ to reducing the order to a ‘do not annoy’ — meaning the exes could have contact as long as Chris doesn’t harass or molest Rihanna.”

Indeed the shadows of the past still haunt both of the performers. Chris Brown had to suffer a lot due to his inappropriate behavior and thousands of fans turned their back on him thanks to his shocking deed.

However as Rihanna managed to cope with her past and Chris Brown decided also to serve the community for his sins, there are hardly any obstacles in the way of lifting the restraining order. The good news related to the fact that Rihanna Accepts Restraining Order Deal will please the fans of both performers as they’ll have the chance to see the celeb exes on the same shows without any difficulties or restraining limits.

The news of the domestic dispute shocked the world and also the fans, and some might be reluctant to come to terms with the decision of Rihanna as Chris Brown deserves punishment for his deed. The domestic violence courses as well as the other projects Chris Brown completed can be still named as the chief evidence of his ambition to accept a punishment for his acts.

The lawyers of Rihanna told E!News that the restraining order can be reduced to different measures and they have chosen the one less strict. This means that Chris can’t approach Rihanna or have any contact with her. Additionally it turns out that Rihanna was more warm-hearted and decided to allow the contact with Chris Brown as long as there is no molestation and annoyance.

Those who were waiting for the big day to see Rihanna and Chris Brown in the same place will have to wait a bit more as Chris was absent from the Grammy Awards this year.

 Rihanna Accepts Restraining Order Deal

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