Best-selling author, reality-TV star, editor-in-chief and chief creative officer, and designer. Everyone, meet Rachel Zoe! This time, the 40-year-old celebrity stylist covers Los Angeles Confidential magazine April/May 2012. Inside, in the accompanying interview, Zoe talks about the diet pills scandal in 2006, fashion and her ready-to-wear collection, and she also reveals she was a bit of a loner in high school.

“Girls, to me, growing up were very, very petty and didn’t want me to succeed and didn’t want the best for me,” she says, adding that she spent most of her time with her “bad boy” boyfriend.

However, Zoe now confesses that she grew a thicker skin. Speaking about Brad Goreski, a former style director with whom she’s rumored to be in a tiff over stolen clients, Zoe told the magazine that, “All I know is I have the best team in the world. And that’s the first time I’ve ever felt that way.” And is she tuning into Goreski’s new reality show? “No, no,” she says with an arch chuckle. “I don’t think I can watch that,” she says.

Rachel Zoe Covers Los Angeles Confidential April/May 2012

In November 2010, Rachel announced via Twitter that she was pregnant. On March 22, 2011, Zoe gave birth to her first child, Skyler Morrison Berman. The designer admits she is so enamored with her son Skyler that she frequently brings him to business meetings. “He’s everything,” she says with a sigh. “He just started saying ‘Mama,’ and I died.”

In her cover story, Zoe also reveals the reasons for launching the ready-to-wear collection, which she did in partnership with global supply-chain-manager Li & Fung Limited last fall. The ’60s and ’70s-inspired line features wardrobe staples such as classic LBDs and tailored pantsuits.

“I felt there was a void in what I was looking for, just as a shopper. I wanted to be able to go and buy a beautiful tuxedo or a suit or a great little party dress that wasn’t, like, $2,500. The last thing I’m going to do when I come out with a collection is try to be Marc [Jacobs]. I’m not trying to make a huge statement. I’m just trying to make beautiful, wearable, tailored clothes,” Zoe told Los Angeles Confidential.

The stylist then says she wants a ‘head-to-toe Rachel Zoe’. “When I launched my collection I said to Li & Fung, ‘Oh, by the way, I’m not just launching ready-to-wear — I’m launching a lifestyle brand. I want head-to-toe Rachel Zoe. I want this to be getting dressed with my jewelry, my shoes, my bags, my gloves. I want it all,” Zoe explains.

Read Rachel Zoe’s full interview in Los Angeles Confidential April/May 2012 issue.

Rachel Zoe Covers Los Angeles Confidential April/May 2012

Photos and video courtesy of Los Angeles Confidential