Rachel Bilson covers Lucky April 2012. The lovely 30-year-old ‘Hart of Dixie’ star sits down for a chat with the magazine and discusses her fashion favorites, the importance of neon, neutrals and jammies, and dating a costar. “I just had absolutely no idea that all that – being on ‘The O.C.’, dating Adam – was going to end up being so invasive,” she says. Rachel and Adam, who also play a couple on ‘The O.C.’, started dating during the first season of ‘O.C.’ and broke up after a three-year relationship.

Renowned for her impeccable style, Rachel confesses that she loves to watch fashion shows on her laptop, on her couch, in pajamas, alongside Shoemint codesigner and best friend, Nicole Chavez. “I just really love being in my pajamas,” Bilson says. Asked if there are any fashion rules about jammies, the actress told Lucky that, “Hell, no. My mother just got me a pair of Miss Piggy pajamas, and I love them.”

Even though she is provoked to mock mortals about their fashion choices, Rachel refuses. When asked to comment a picture featuring two young girls wearing tight jeans, boots and belted sweaters, the actress says that, “I’m not a hater.” Still, she then adds that, “I don’t like high-waisted skinny jeans.” On wearing hair parted way over on the side, Bilson told the magazine that, “I’ve never done that. Maybe they’re trying to hide a bald spot, or, in California, they’re trying to be, like, cholitas.”

Rachel Bilson Covers Lucky April 2012 Rachel Bilson Covers Lucky April 2012

In the interview with Lucky’s April 2012 issue Rachel also dishes on ruffled sweaters and giant nerd glasses. “I’m not going to lie to you, I think I might have worn a sweater with a ruffle,” the actress admits. On girls wearing big glasses she says that, “I think it totally depends on the person, if they can pull it off.”

In ‘Hart of Dixie’ Rachel plays Zoe Hart, a New York City doctor who ends up working in a small medical practice in the town of Bluebell, Alabama. On the show, Zoe wears fashion-forward pieces by famous designers such as Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Isabel Marant, and Jil Sander. On how much her own style resembles to that of her ‘Hart of Dixie’ character, Rachel confesses that, “I don’t mind being the center of attention as a character. But in real life it’s not for me. Zoe’s from New York and very fashion-savvy. She also wears shorts, a lot. It’s her ‘thing.’?”

The gorgeous actress also told the magazine that she loves accessories. “Nicole [who is also her stylist] and I built that outfit around the shoes. I seem to naturally go to neutrals, with a pop of color. I’m a really big accessories person. You wear a plain T-shirt and jeans and then do something really cool with the jeans or the amazing shoes, or a really cool scarf or belt or bag,” Rachel explains.

Speaking about her fashion favorites, Bilson admits that, “I like to be comfortable, and I don’t like to be cold, and I don’t like to wear anything I’m not in the mood for.” Next, looking at a photo of herself in a black dress paired with sleek hair and a stack of thick gold bangles, the actress says that, “I was totally PMSing that day, and I just freaked out and wore a dress backward.”

Rachel Bilson Covers Lucky April 2012

Rachel Bilson Covers Lucky April 2012

Photos courtesy of Lucky Magazine