‘Ever-gorgeous’. This is how ‘InStyle’ calls Rachel Bilson in the magazine’s latest Makeover Issue. And indeed, the charming 29-year-old (she turns 30 on the 25th) always flaunts gorgeous, darling tresses and manages to pull off stylish, unique and fresh looks which made her a real fashionista and style icon.

In the interview with InStyle, Bilson dished on her future, her new television dramedy ‘Hart of Dixie’, but also on her beauty tips and fashion philosophy.

“I know this sounds terribly shallow, but I’ve been mapping out my outfits for the next day every day since I was little, even before high school. I have a very busy mind – there’s constant chitter-chatter up there – but what I’m wearing the next day? That’s definitely something that’s always been in my head before I go to sleep at night,” Rachel says.

Rachel Bilson Covers InStyle Makeover

Rachel stars in the upcoming CW television series called ‘Hart of Dixie’, set to premier on September 26th, a dramedy about a young New York City doctor (Rachel Bilson) who inherits a medical practice in a small Southern town, Bluebell, Alabama, full off eclectic and eccentric people. Speaking about her character, Zoe Hart, the actress told ‘InStyle’ that, “She’s a great character. I get to be tough and sassy and sarcastic – all that good stuff. And I deliver a baby!”

Bilson always shows off impeccable hairstyles whether she’s on the red carpet or for casual, everyday looks. The actress admits in the interview with the magazine that, “When I was younger, I was adamant about wearing my hair sleek. My mother used to straighten it with a clothing iron!”

On accepting yourself and being happy with who you are even when it comes to those parts you would like to change, Rachel believes that, “It’s really important to like yourself, even the not-so-pretty things.”

The beautiful actress also confirms that she is still together with on-again, off-again boyfriend Hayden Christensen. “Yup, we’re together,” she says. Besides, Rachel dishes on her future plans and admits she has always dreamed to have a family and children. “Having kids and a family is the most important thing. I’ve always wanted to be a mom,” Bilson told ‘InStyle Makeover’.

Rachel Bilson Covers InStyle Makeover

Photos courtesy of InStyle