Well it seems that Prince William of Wales has decided to make the big step and ask his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton to marry him. Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton wasn’t a surprise since the couple has been dating for about eight years.

It’s been rumored that Kate has split a few years back from William just because his failure to propose to her but it seems that her patience finally paid off. “Katie Waity” as British people nicknamed her after her patience, has finally got the ring she so much desired. It seems that this marriage is a marriage based on love as the couple radiated happiness at the announcement of their engagement.

Prince William announcement came Tuesday, November 16, 2010 by way of royal officials. It seems that the Prince has proposed to Kate on their holiday trip to Kenya in October and decided to make the official announcement only this month.

Prince Harry Engaged to Kate Middleton

Prince William Ring Engagement

The announcement of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton probably shattered the dreams of becoming a true Princess of girls around the world, but don’t worry girls, there’s still one prince left, Prince Harry.

Kate Middleton received a fabulous ring, which is actually Princess Diana’s engagement ring who was is the possession of Prince Harry so far, a lovely sapphire ring surrounded by 14 lovely round diamonds.

Kate Middleton and Prince William met about eight years ago in college at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Kate Middleton reportedly comes out of a family who has worked their way up the social ladder and became millionaires, so she is less likely to be in it for the money, but nothing can be excluded as the fortune of the royal family is estimated to a few hundred millions pounds. Due to the high fortune of the royal family Prince William will probably be advised to make a prenuptial contract so in case of a divorce the royal fortune will be protected.

We hope everything goes well and we can’t wait to take a glimpse at the lavishing wedding which will take place probably next year!

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