A new video from Disney princess Selena Gomez should be a reason to rejoice, right? Well, not for P!ink who immediately attacked Selena Gomez verbally on Twitter after seeing a pink painted horse on the Love You Like a Love Song’ video. As a result of seeing the video and being a true animal activist at heart and a devoted PETA member, Pink immediately tweeted for more than 4 million followers: “If there are any animal activists around Malibu – at Leo Cabrillo State Beach, there are horses being painted for a stupid music video. Shame.”

This was only the beginning as the star continued to defend her ideas by reaching more sensitive topics such as the responsibility that all artists should take by declaring: ‘Artists should be more aware and responsible for their actions’. P!ink found out that it was a Selena Gomez video only later, but she kept on defending her rock solid principles and prompted Disney fans to act: “Oh lord, whose video was it? Disney fans unite. Here we go.” She then continued to state that her anger was not directed towards Selena, but against animal cruelty: “Whether ura fan of mine or anyone, I keep talking about cruelty to animals. I’ve taken responsibility in the past, so should she.”

Selena Gomez New Music Video

P!nks point is easily understandable and so far she has not gotten a response from Selena on Twitter. However, the 18 year old singer’s representatives were quick to point out the fact that the animals were not harmed for the video. According to them, Selena Gomez herself made sure that the necessary precautions have been taken: ‘It was important to the Production Company, Record Label and Ms. Gomez that no animals were harmed and all proper precautions were taken,’ Gomez’s spokesperson said in a statement to People magazine. 

What’s more, it seems that in order to ensure that everything went smoothly, an official from the Humane Society was present on the set: “A non toxic, vegetable based powder paint was applied via an airbrush and removed with water. An official from the Humane Society was on set supervising.”

In light of these new presumed facts, the entire scene seems a lot more comforting. However, the subject can still be open to a lot of debate. What’s your take on the matter? Is painting animals for the sole purpose of entertainment wrong or should it be acceptable if all the right precautions are being taken? Whose side are you on?

Pink Furious Over New Selena Gomez Video Pink Furious Over New Selena Gomez Video

Photo Credit: Albert Michael/Startraks, Getty Images